“Real performance is going beyond what is expected” 

Is your business doing well but you feel it could be even better? Do you sometimes wish for a critical friend to talk through current business challenges?

Here at Create, we are very excited to be able to work with leaders and managers just like you who face real business challenges on a day-to-day basis. This package is designed to provide regular, on-going support to you and the management team on all aspects of business management.

Business Boost is about helping you making sure your business strategy is right to take you, your business and your staff to the next level. A well-developed business strategy makes a huge difference, both to your business performance and your staff morale (and as we all know, motivated, engaged staff are more productive and effective). Together with a well-thought through financial plan it makes decision making faster and easier and, therefore, better for your business.

“David has extremely successfully effected change in management and leadership for a collective group of strong minded people. His unique subtle style has enabled them to share a focused goal, whilst still allowing their individual strengths to be used to strive towards improvement. Through David’s coaching there is now an instinctive embracing of required change along the way.”

CW, School Business Manager

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