Coaching is like stabilisers on a child’s bike…….

As those of you who have read previous articles I have written (thank you!), you might remember I get a lot of learning and ideas from some different sources.  Of course, I also follow the more traditional route of attending conferences and reading the latest materials on coaching and mentoring but I have been spending time recently on thinking about my business and I find I best do that when out and about and people watching (a favourite hobby of mine).  So, I was walking along the seafront the other day and saw a small child learning to ride a bicycle.  He was with his family who were all shouting encouragement, someone was holding the back of the saddle as he wobbled along and there were also some brightly coloured stabilisers in place to give him the confidence to keep going. It popped into my head that the image was like one a coach with their client, providing support and encouragement in their endeavours to meet their goals. Like a relationship between a coach and client, once they are confident the stabilisers can come off and they can cycle off on their way.  They may not need their coach at that stage but, just like a bike and anybody exercising, both people and equipment need attention and support from time to time.  When that happens in the business environment, then the client might work with their coach again for the next stage of either their business or personal journey.


So, my coaching approach can be likened to stabilisers on a bike……. Initially giving support and encouragement through discussions and challenge in helping a client identify where they need to get to and how to do it; once they feel confident on their way, they may want support from time to time to go even further on their route to success.  Whichever part of your own journey you are on, remember no-one can do it entirely on their own and, if you want to give coaching a try, then why not make the first move by booking in for a free 60 minute session (usually 30 minutes) but an extra special incentive for those who have taken the time to be part of my journey. Thanks for reading and I look forward to hearing from you.