If plan ‘A’ doesn’t work – stay cool and don’t panic. Remember the alphabet has another 25 letters.

I chuckled to myself when I saw this on the wall of an office of a client.  We had been working through their concerns about the effectiveness of their business plan (plan A) and were busy on trying to come up with options to keep on track.  I asked the question about whether the plan needed changing or radically modifying but, at that moment in time, the MD didn’t want to consider that.  And yet I believe the answer was on his wall the whole time!  One thing that is certain in life is change and therefore sometimes the best laid plans don’t work for a whole range of reasons.  And then any leader has to consider how to change the plan.  This doesn’t mean changing for changes sake but being reasoned and brave in your decision to change plan ‘A’ to plan ‘B’; it also is not an excuse to just keep changing when you feel like it!  However, leaders have to be brave sometimes and assess where their business is and decide to adopt another plan.  The other important thing is to make sure your staff understand the reasons why.  And the client I was working with? Well, he decided that plan ‘A’ was right when originally written but external circumstances had changed and another plan was the right thing to do to take the company forward; and so he didn’t panic , stayed cool and agreed plan ‘B’ with his colleagues.  Having the reasons communicated to them, all his team  agreed with this approach and signed up in confidence to plan ‘B’.