Coaching has been defined as “unlocking people’s potential to maximise their own performance”. The principles of coaching mean that it can be applied to any business environment and to assist you identify the solution to any issue.

Here at Create, we are very excited to be able to work with individuals at every level in a business to maximise their potential. As we all know, the business environment today is one that can be pressurised and ever-changing. Our individual coaching package is one that is designed to support you in developing your next steps.

“Louise is supportive, motivating and inspiring in her work with individuals and groups. She listens and provides space for you to think and talk through any issues and then offers great insight, prompting and guiding you to think more deeply and to come to your own understanding of the way ahead. Louise’s approach is honest and clear and she has a wealth of experience of working with a wide range of people and organisations.”

KA, Director of Public Organisation

For more information regarding our Individual coaching package, call 01323 655764.