Never forget to look up ………..

As we start to slowly come out of lockdown, there are a mixture of feelings.  Joy at being able to meet family and friends for a walk, a slight nervousness about being out and about with more people, and the anticipation of further restrictions being released – provided all still moves in a positive way.  It also can give the opportunity for some reflection of how the last year has been for us and I feel extremely lucky that, despite the lockdown, we still could go out for exercise – nothing too strenuous but daily walks of between 2 and 4 miles helped uplift my mood.  Part of the reason I like to walk around local areas is to study the buildings and try to work out the history.  How old are they? What style? Has someone made dramatic changes to them over the years? Any points of interest in the building material?  Sometimes, I have felt the need to do some research when I got home and so have learnt so much about my home town in the last year. I was talking about this to a client during a mentoring session, and she said something that struck me; something along the lines of “I never look up when I am walking somewhere”.  Now, I know we all lead busy lives and there are times that we have to concentrate on getting somewhere by a certain time, but part of any coaching programme is about getting people to look at the bigger picture, and consider options they haven’t thought of before.  A bit like looking up whilst walking along and studying something to give you some new information or ideas. Sometimes, I have even taken clients for a walk when they have felt ‘stuck’ in a session but have never encouraged them to look up before.  If and when, that situation ever occurs again, I have made a note to self to encourage them to do that.

So, I thought it might be useful to either remind or encourage my connections to think about how they look for information and to always remember to ‘look up and see whatever the environment you are in can tell you or help you understand’.