“Louise’s key strength is her ability to really listen to what people are saying. She demonstrates a high level of insight into the issues you are facing and provides support with honesty and integrity. She is able to guide you to recognising the core of a problem or difficulty and help you to move forward in a practical, caring manner. Louise is the kind of person that you want to call upon in times of crisis, when you need advice, or simply when you need someone to listen to you – calm, thoughtful, perceptive, non-judgemental, and sensible.”


“Louise is supportive, motivating and inspiring in her work with individuals and groups. She listens and provides space for you to think and talk through any issues and then offers great insight, prompting and guiding you to think more deeply and to come to your own understanding of the way ahead. Louise’s approach is honest and clear and she has a wealth of experience of working with a wide range of people and organisations.”

KA, Director of Public Organisation

“I have always enjoyed working with Louise. You bring real drive and enthusiasm to any task and I consider a credit to any organisation or community you work with.”

LC, Planning Consultant

Louise has supported me through the formalisation of personal goals that were focused on what I wanted to achieve. Once the goals were established, Louise provided a supportive role to discuss my progress and any achievements.  At each catch up meeting, challenge was provided to ascertain if the goals remained right for me.  In a nurturing capacity Louise helped me to recognise achievement throughout the process and encouraged me to celebrate the achievements.  This helped me to remain focused. Having achieved my original goals, Louise continues to operate as a critical friend who helps me to tackle issues that, if left to my own devices I would choose to ignore. AG, FCCA

David has extremely successfully effected change in management and leadership for a collective group of strong minded people. His unique subtle style has enabled them to share a focused goal, whilst still allowing their individual strengths to be used to strive towards improvement. Through David’s coaching there is now an instinctive embracing of required change along the way. CW, Primary School Business Manager

During the finance training facilitated by David, the amount of relevant discussion he prompted and the way he asked me to justify what I was saying really helped me to achieve my objectives in understanding budgeting. MO, Charity Treasurer

Louise adapted sessions perfectly to suit me and my needs.  She provided great focus points and targets that I could completely see the value of and I am implementing them all to very good effect. I had my final session with further points to  reflect on and a helpful tool to remind me! LJ, Director, Charity

The sessions with Louise have been extremely valuable for me.  First she helped me clarify my career direction and establish actions/strategies to get there. Next, in my new role, she gave me a forum to discuss new challenges and how I could manage these with reference to my existing skills and values, as well as identifying areas for development. I think the most valuable things I got from the coaching programme were clarity of focus and an opportunity to explore my skills and values. JC, NHS Executive