The real opportunity for success lies within the person and not in the job. Zig Zigler

Pre pandemic a lot of the organisations I worked with often regarded the ‘office’ and the ‘jobs’ as the key thing in running businesses successfully. With the challenges of having to trust people to work from home – very often in challenging surroundings – perhaps the focus has shifted onto the fact that people are the key component within any successful working environment.  I was running a training course the other day on change management in the workplace and used the quote “Change happens one person at a time”.  Saying it also made me recall the above quote and I thought how powerful those words are  – Real, opportunity and success.  So, thinking about how powerful they are isn’t it amazing to think just how powerful that person must be who has those opportunities lying within themselves.  I know from working with senior leaders that sometimes all people see is ‘the job’ but not the individual.  The role within the organisation can be seen as the most important thing.   But the truth of the matter is that the job cannot exist on its own.   All the decisions, the emotions and the anxieties (yes, even the most experienced Chief Executive has those from time to time) come down to the person.  So it must follow that the most important thing for growth and success – in whatever way it is measured- is helping the person identify those opportunities and putting actions in place to get them there.  A job can be ‘well-done’ but it is actually the success of the person behind that job – that is the true-measurement.  Never forget that each one of us has that real opportunity for success and that, whatever the job, the person is the one that makes it happen.  As we begin to emerge from the constraints of the pandemic, it is worthwhile to think how your organisation is going to build on the successes of those people in taking any opportunities of the past year to really deliver; and if they feel they need some support to help them continue on that route then coaching may be the ideal development tool needed.  If you feel that like, then message me and we can have a chat about supporting you and your teams to see each opportunity and turn it into a success personally and for the business.