You can never cross the ocean until you have the courage to lose sight of the shore – Christopher Columbus

Before the pandemic, I had been very fortunate to travel both at home and abroad but have always felt safe knowing all the details of where I am going, how long the flight should last, receiving regular updates because of weather or traffic jams when driving.  I often ponder on what it must have been like for those, like Christopher Columbus, who left the shores to go and explore without knowing what might happen to them, how long they would be away, or indeed if they ever would return? But this quote speaks volumes about the attitude and self-belief that frees humans to the most amazing opportunities.  By having the courage to lose ‘sight’ of what is so familiar to us, we can experience things that have probably been beyond our imagining.  So, do you have the courage to set sail for a new adventure and lose sight of your shore? Coaching can help you prepare for whatever exciting opportunity you want to plan – be it professional or personal. If you are thinking of planning your own journey then I would always encourage anyone to use a qualified coach to think through your plans – and, of course, I am always happy and privileged if you chose to use my expertise. Whatever you decide, your next adventure is just over the horizon and I wish you much happiness and success in crossing with courage.