You wouldn’t plant a seed and then dig it up every few minutes to see what it is doing. So give yourself space & time to grow but keep nourishing your seeds! Steve Bartlett

I was given a kit for growing Bonsai trees as a Christmas gift and, on reading the instructions, realised that patience will be a significant part of the process in growing a tree.  It would seem I can’t expect any sort of growth to show for a minimum of 6 – 9 weeks – and maybe not even then but am determined to just let the seeds ‘do their thing’ and wait to see what happens.  That is not always the approach I have taken in either my business or personal life, but also used the Christmas/New Year period as a time for some reflection and reading.  That was where I saw the above quote, and it just spoke to me about the need to take space and time for nourishment.  I am quite good, as part of my coaching practice, to recommend books/TED talks/videos and the like to help my clients consider different approaches as a form of  nourishment for their own personal development.  Maybe not so good as thinking about it from a personal perspective but I am lucky that my coaching role does give me access to all sorts of people and platforms for recommendations.  So, whilst not a supporter of new year ‘resolutions’ (any time I tried it, I seemed to fail and then beat myself up!), I am going to make one promise to myself.  That I won’t keep expecting things to grow in a matter of minutes but I will spend the time that their development takes in ensuring there is time and space for nourishment along the way.  Whatever your approach to the start of a year, I do hope that you find the nourishment needed to allow your own seeds to grow and that time and space can pay dividends.  Wishing you a healthy, nourished New Year.